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Why Choose Pro-Systems?

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Welcome to Pro-Systems, your local and national court reporting and video service provider.

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What we believe...


Efficiency is the sum of everything:  efficient systems reduce costs
and conserve labor, which ultimately gives you more time.


● Providing a consistent service and product is more efficient for the client to manage.

● Having all transcripts, videos and originals come from one source is more efficient for the client.

● Having all billing come from one source is more efficient for the client, with no C.O.D.'s.

● Having one web repository for all transcripts and exhibits is more efficient for the client.

● Booking depositions from one source, regardless where they take place, is more efficient for the client.

● Getting questions answered from one source is more efficient for the client.

● Offering new innovations and the latest technology allows the client to work more efficiently.

● Every deposition you take is an important deposition. 

● Following up and confirming every detail of the deposition is important.

● The clients job is not 9 to 5, so we are reachable day, night and weekends.


Pro-Systems provides all these aspects of court reporting and video services for the client regardless where the depositions take place in the country or abroad.  That is important.


If you believe as we do, then book your next deposition with Pro-Systems.




Brian C. Ciccone


Once you work with Pro-Systems, you too will realize why we are known as the best. We are not a referral service, we sync our video with transcripts, and we have a unique way of constantly and consciously connecting the jury to the witness.

When you associate yourself and your law firm with Pro-Systems, its like having your own personal court reporting service constantly working for you. We keep cost in line as if we had to answer to your clients personally. We offer the latest technology that has many value-added benefits that make your job easier and allow you to work more efficiently.



Contact Pro-Systems to learn more about how we can serve you completely, give you more, and do it right.