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Why Choose Pro-Systems?

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Why Choose Pro-Systems


Pro-Systems offers:

● Peace of mind.
● Confidence that every detail will be taken care of.
● A consistent product with many value-added benefits.
● Reachable evenings and weekends.
● Reporters and Videographers in over 50 Cities and 3 Countries.
● Providing a location or assist in finding a location.
● Web Repository.
● Innovative Video technology.
● One phone call, regardless of where you need a deposition covered.  (We are not a referral service)


Pro-Systems reporters work directly with Pro-Systems; we do not refer the work out.  We maintain all production, giving you a consistent product.  We hold all Original transcripts and exhibits, making sure you get them in a timely manner.  Because we hold all information and control production, you only have one place to call to get an answer.


Please explore our website for an explanation of all our services and what we mean when we say, “Doing it right…” 


A History of Innovation


Pro-Systems has developed a reputation for being the first in offering powerful tools for law firms.   Just one example is the creation of our Power Hub™



Pro-Systems’ Power Hub™ is a powerful tool that turned conference rooms into state-of-the-art technology rooms.  Many conference rooms didn’t have enough electrical, modem, or Internet connections necessary to support technologically advanced litigation.


Pro-Systems’ Power Hub™ transformed these single person connections into 6 person connections.


Features and Benefits:

● 6 Realtime connections
● 6 Modem connections
● 6 Internet connections
● 6 Electrical connections
● Use in depositions
● Use in “war” rooms
● Minimizes cables and cords
● Be connected to your office while in a deposition
● Portable – move from one conference room to another
● No Cost – ask for details


Pro-Systems’ Power Hub™ is Pro-Systems developed proprietary technology.


The Power Hub™ is just one example.  Contact Pro-Systems today to learn more about how we continue to be an innovator in our field.