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About Pro-Systems


Brian Ciccone, the president and founder of Pro-Systems Court Reporting & Video Services, is committed to delivering the highest quality product available, with an emphasis on detail. Pro-Systems can cover all your court reporting, videotaping and playback needs anywhere in the United States, as well as abroad. Pro-Systems is a Full-Service Provider.


Pro-Systems reporters and videographers work directly with Pro-Systems; we do not refer the work out.  We maintain all production in-house, giving you a consistent product.  We hold all Original transcripts and make sure you get them in a timely manner.  Because we hold all information and control production, you only have one place to call or email to get an answer.


Important things Pro-Systems offers:

● Peace of mind.

● Confidence that every detail will be taken care of.

● A consistent product with many value added benefits.

● Reachable evenings and weekends.

● Reporters and videographers in over 50 cities, as well as abroad.

             (We are NOT a referral service) 

● Provide a location or assist in finding a location.

● One phone call, regardless where you need a deposition covered.

Please call us to order a court reporter and/or videographer, or you may simply fill out the order form with the pertinent information requested. All orders that are submitted on the Internet will be confirmed within 24 hours from the time you post your order, ensuring you of no miscommunication or oversights.


Order Court Reporter / Videographer


You can email a court reporter and or videographer directly, simply by using their first initial and the full spelling of their last name, then add "@prosystemsweb.com."


Example: Brian Ciccone = bciccone@prosystemsweb.com


Comments or concerns? Please email the President, Brian Ciccone directly: