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Video Depositions that actually show and tell a complete story!


Once again, Pro-Systems is the first to introduce new technology we have personally developed that is unlike anything that is being done in the country today.


With our unique technique, the jury is constantly and consciously connected to the witness.  Contact us to learn more about how we do this.


Digital Video

We capture all video to a hard drive at a rate of 16 gigs per one hour of video.  This enables us to offer you the highest quality video possible today.  Once the deposition is over with, we convert our video file to an Mpeg2 file in order to work with supporting litigation software.



We sync all our video depositions with the transcript.




Save time by simply finding the text in the transcript you want to view and click on that line. The video will advance automatically to that point in the video.  We also hyper-link all exhibits to the video as well.  Make video clips on the fly by simply highlighting the text and select “make clip.” 



This is a great benefit for you during the discovery process.  It allows you to review and make clips from different depositions taken that can be played in a meeting with other attorneys working on a given case.  It also allows you to meet with your client and present these clips to show the strengths and weaknesses of the case.


Contact Pro-Systems to learn more about how we can serve you completely, give you more, and do it right.